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Spoken English Plus

108 Structures + Speaking Activities + Communication Skills

You will be thoroughly trained in 108 sentence formation structures which empower you to frame a sentence in English correctly.
The communication skills training enables you to express yourself in an effective manner.
The speaking activity build your confidence level to put your ideas and feelings with ease and clarity.

Who Is the Target Audience for Spoken English Plus

If you feel that you have mediocre skills in English reading, writing and Speaking and wish to enrich your English communication skills, here we offer the suitable course for you. Those who have completed this course can perform better at job interviews, showcase the excellent skills at work and get eligibility for promotions faster, make conversations well and get respected in social circles.

Why learn the spoken English with us

Here at "Shraddha English" we render help to the people who wish to achieve their dreams of learning Spoken English. We adapt the course in such a way that it meets your needs in different areas.

Key Features Of Spoken English Plus

The training modules of Spoken English plus differ from those of Regular/Basic Spoken English Course. In Basic Spoken English Course, You will learn English from the scratch which imparts knowledge in basic functions of English language. Whereas Spoken English plus contains application of grammar and also it gives learners enough exposure to examples of language in different contexts.

Maybe you think English fluency is possible with the thorough study of grammar rules. But that's not right thinking! Here, you will not study and memorize grammar rules that damage your English speaking. We teach you grammar in a natural way without studying rules! Our unique training gets you to overcome nervousness, shyness, and fear when speaking English.

What we will teach you

Language Items

  • Naming words
  • Substitute words
  • Action words
  • Supporting words
  • Describing words
  • Action modifiers
  • Bridge words
  • Linking words
  • Wh. words
  • Emotional Expressions

Kinds of Sentences

  • Positive Statement
  • Negative Statement
  • Yes/No Question Positive
  • Yes/No Question Negative
  • Wh. Word Questions
  • Positive Commands
  • Negative Commands
  • Sudden Expressions

Communication Situations & Sentence-Formation structures

  • Present permanent Actions
  • Present Temporary Actions
  • Past actions during past time frame
  • Past actions connected with present
  • Future intensions
  • Completed+ Present continuous actions
  • Future plans
  • Continuous past actions
  • Past habitual actions
  • Skill / Ability / Possibility
  • Indirect questions
  • Indirect statements
  • Direct commands
  • Indirect commands
  • Object turned subject
  • Comparisions
  • Present &past Obligations
  • Conditional sentences
  • Combination of sentences
  • Polite Expressions

Speaking Activities

We help the learner work on the following English Communication modules to develop confidence and English speaking ability.

  • About yourself, Family & Hometown
  • Regular & Sunday Activities
  • Favorite Festival
  • Unforgettable Event
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Likes / Dislikes
  • Yesterday's Activities
  • Last week / Month Activities
  • Beloved Person in Your Immediate Family
  • Giving / Asking for Directions
  • Beloved Person in Your Extended Family
  • Recent Wedding Ceremony
  • First Day’s Experience at college
  • Unforgettable journey
  • Favorite Tourist Place
  • Describe your School / College
  • Making introductions
  • Ambition / plan / Goal
  • Favorite Film Celebrity
  • Ideal Person/Role Model
  • How to Create an E-mail ID
  • How to prepare your favorite dish
  • How to draw cash from A.T.M
  • How to open a bank account

One-on-one training For Spoken English

If you feel hesitant to clarify your doubts and feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others at class. Or If you feel that you may miss out on individual attention in a group training environment.

Here, you also have the best option for the personal training that can be adapted to your specific needs and works in your favor.
In one-to-one speaking English program, the trainer will set the method of training to your English level and grasping ability.

Course Format

=>Our class size is restricted to 5 to 8 students so that the learner can avail of the more English speaking opportunity.
=>With the small class Size, The trainer gets to know each as an individual.
=>The trainer can make sure that each of the students will figure out the concept of the lesson. This may often not be possible in a huge crowd.

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