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Courses We Offer

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Spoken English Institute in Hyderabad

English Aspirants,

As you know, speaking and writing English is indispensable in your life no matter what you are doing or looking for.

=>If you are a job-seeker you could have already realized how important English communication skills are. Hence, you have to be well equipped with spoken English as well as communication skills while encountering the job-interviews.

=> If you are working, you may now and then have a hard time to communicate in English with the superiors and colleagues at workplace.

=> Most house wives often get nervous to attend the parent's meet at their kid's school because of lack of English speaking skills.

=> Needless to say about the school/ college students, Written and spoken English is a part and parcel of their academic career.

You may fall under anyone of the above group of people who is looking for spoken English classes in Hyderabad. Initially, at our counselling we will get you to find out your English level in order to choose the course which best suits your needs.

Here, you are offered the need - based spoken English training courses which are designed to meet the needs of the learners in all areas of English. And it provides various modules to empower you to become best communicator in English.

Spoken English in the comfort of your home

Some of you may be interested in taking On-line English classes or you may need a home tutor for spoken English in Hyderabad. Whatever mode of training you feel is suitable and comfortable for you, we offer the one that ultimately fulfils your ambition of learning the language.

Hands-on practice sessions to Develop English Fluency

You mostly have the difficulty to speak English Fluently because of being unsure of grammar or vocabulary. You will be given thorough oral and written practice on 108 structures of English which enable you to form sentences correctly and easily. You will work on fluent English drills and the filler phrases. Our spoken English courses are delivered over different duration such as 30 /45 / 60 days programs.

Spoken English course through your Mother Tongue

If your education was done in vernacular (mother Tongue) medium of instruction, you may at times find it difficult to understand teaching English-through-English. So, our trainer teaches you spoken English in your native language (Telugu/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada). The objective of the training is to help the learner to work on each module of the course in their native language so that it would facilitate getting the concept of the lesson.

Where are you located?

If you are located in Hyderabad, Our spoken English institute in Ameerpet is reachable from any corner of the city in less than an hour by bus or by bike. The one who stays around Ameerpet can take for granted that “I have a Spoken English Institute near me".

Communication Skills & Soft Skills

As you all know, communication is not mere speaking/Talking in English. Spontaneously, you need to focus on how to get your ideas, thoughts and feelings across appropriately at workplace, during job-interview or in the social circumstances.

Succeed in your career through Job-interview English

In the corporate world, the employers lookout for people who are able to communicate well. Employers want Decision-Making, Flexibility, Commitment, Time Management, Teamwork and etc... From every employee, no matter what their role is. Having excellent communication skills you can command the hiring manager's attention and convince him/her that you are the one for the job. We teach written and communication skills to deal with various concerns and problems of daily life and professionally to build healthy relations and credibility with co-workers.

Our Job-interview English/ Job-seekers English course provides you with English Speaking skills that you require at the interview, communication skills, tips to improve interview performance and also mock interviews

Resume Writing Training

You will learn how to create a powerful and practical resume or improve the one you already have. You need to know how to showcase your potentials through your application materials. The modules of the resume writing training help you to highlight your skills and expertise

An Extensive Practical Soft Skills Training in Hyderabad

Many employees in the workplace lack the basic attributes required such as team work, communication, punctuality and the ability to cope under pressure.

You can avail yourself of our successful Soft Skills training. which equips you with in-depth study in Soft Skills.. With this, you will be able to communicate effectively with co-workers, employers, clients and customers, friends and family members. And also you are trained in how to manage time organization & goal setting, development of leadership skills to improve teamwork, creativity, efficiency & productivity. You will develop presentation skills .to enhance self-confidence and relationship.

Personality Development Tips

We also hold sessions for personality development.. This helps you understand your own personality and identify your strengths and weaknesses so as to take confidence from the strengths and work on your weaknesses.

The purpose of this module is to improve your personality traits like attitude, confidence and your perception of the world around you.

Email writing skills

Email writing skills. are as crucial for success as oral communication. This course empowers you to write professional emails in English. And you will work on the grammar and vocabulary skills for email writing. You will analyze different email formats, and various organizational styles so that you will be able to write emails effectively.

Indian Languages

Spoken Telugu
Duartion : 45 Days
Are You a non-Telugu speaker from out of Andhra pradesh and looking For Spoken Telugu classes In Hyderabad? Here we offer an Expertise and professional Telugu Speaking Course for homemakers, Job-holders, Business people and other Telugu lovers. This course enables the learner to communicate in Telugu with the People in various social as well as formal situations.
Spoken Hindi
Duartion : 45 Days
Do You find it difficult with Speaking Hindi at your work or in any situation? Have You now decided to learn the language? Ours is one of the finest places for learning Through Spoken Hindi classes in Hyderabad where the training helps the learner to gain Hindi speaking skills. The Students of different grasping levels will work on various speaking modules so as to communicate with the commoners and in all social circumstances.

Spoken Tamil
Duartion : 45 Days

'Shraddha English' welcomes you to learn a new language. Are you Moving to Tamil Nadu? Are You working in Tamil Nadu and finding it difficult with local language? Do you have Tamil learning passion? You can get your need or ambition fulfilled through our Spoken Tamil classes in Hyderabad. The course enables you to speak Tamil correctly and fluently.

I learnt spoken English in Shraddha English institute for 2 months. Before joining, I was poor in Communication skills. Now I can speak English correctly and confidently. Really the training helped me a lot.

I am from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I moved to Hyderabad to learn the job-oriented course in computers. One of my friends advised me to take spoken English training also. I searched for the institutes and found this institute is better than any other I visited. I attended the classes regularly and completed the course now I am comfortable while speaking English with people around. Now I am confident to face the Interviews without fear. Thanks to Shraddha faculty for his excellent training.

When I thought of developing my English skills, I was able to speak but with lot of hesitation and fear. The training in this institute boosted my confidence level by teaching correct sentence formation structures. I am thankful to Mr. Shraddha Srinivas.

I am a house wife living with my family at Erragadda, Hyderabad. My husband encouraged me to learn English to help our kids with their studies. So, I joined ‘House wives’ English course at Shraddha Institute. Before, I was nervous to attend the parents’ meet at kids’ school for fear of speaking in English with the teachers. After the training, nowadays I am the first parent present at ‘Parents’ meet. I am happy now.’

I am working in a private bank. Before, I used to find it difficult to communicate in English with the customers as well as colleagues. After taking this course, I am happy with my job because I am now good at speaking in English. I am very much grateful to the course trainer.

My son is in 8th class. He is good at all subjects except English. He used to score less marks in English because of lack of knowledge in grammar. I put him in Kids’ English course for grammar. He has improved a lot and in the last term exam he scored well in English subject also.

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