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Kids’ English

We offer the courses for school children such as (1) Spelling & Reading English (2) Academic English (3) Functional Grammar (4) Conversational English.

You can choose any one or all according to the child’s requirement

Spelling & Reading English (3rd to 10th class.)

This course helps the school children those who have difficulty to spell and read. Our innovative and exciting course strengthens your child’s spelling and reading power which further enables them to feel easy to develop their English communication skills.

  • How to spell the of Indian names of persons, Places and Things
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Spelling Rules
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Story and Newspaper reading
  • Spelling puzzles

Academic English (6th to 10th)

In everyday situations, you may be confident in speaking English, but the sort of English you need for academic requirement is rather different.

The coaching includes reading and understanding your English study materials which helps the child score the best in English subject.

Functional Grammar

We will teach you how to apply simple functional grammar so that you will be able to understand more when you listen and read. And also this knowledge improves your general speaking and writing English.

What is inside?

  • Parts Of Speech
  • Kinds of sentences
  • Tenses
  • Direct and Indirect
  • Degrees Of Comparison
  • Active Voice and Passive voice
  • simple, compound and complex sentences
  • Imperative sentences & Sentence- Formation Structures

Conversational English | English Communication Skills

Most School going kids make mistakes in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary depending on their mother tongue.
This Course enables the learner to overcome the communication difficulties and speak English correctly and confidently.
What will the Learner Work On?

The Mock conversational Practice Modules

Conversation between You and

  • Father
  • Mother
  • teachers
  • Principal
  • Shop keeper
  • Peer group
  • Relative
  • Neighbour
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