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Basic Spoken English

Basic Concepts of Grammar + Basic Conversation

Who Is This Basic Spoken English Course For?

This Basic Spoken English Course is designed for the people that have little or no experience of the English language.

What You Will Learn

This Training helps you get familiar with the basics of English speaking so that you can move to further levels such as Spoken English plus and Fluent English.

The modules of the course can quickly familiarize you with language items, grammar rules and several sentence structures which enable you to make an easy conversation in English.

Language used in teaching Basic Spoken English

To be Precise, The Vernacular Medium students are believed to feel comfortable learning English Through their native language. Therefore, we use indian languages such as Telugu/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada to train in the basic English course so as to facilitate the learning grammar concepts.

Basic English Course in detail

English grammar in use

Language Items

  • Naming Words-----Noun
  • Alternative Words---Pronoun
  • Action words----Main verbs
  • Supporting words----Helping Verbs
  • Describing Words----Adjectives, Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
  • Action Modifiers---Adverbs
  • Bridge Words----Preposition
  • Linking Words-----Conjunction
  • Words of Emotion----Interjection
  • Wh. Words-------Interrogative words
  • Noun modifier-------- Articles
  • Irregular verbs and the self-assessment worksheets
  • Prepositions and the sentences in use
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