Swim Swam Swum | ‘Swim’ Meanings

Swim‘ is an irregular verb which conjugates by changing its vowel. And Swim Swam Swum are the three forms of ‘Swim‘. Look at all 5 forms of the verb below. We use the ‘Swim’ to show the regular action and future action. And we use ‘Swam’ to show a past action.t and the past participle ‘Swum’ to show a completed action.

Base form ‘S’ Form ‘ING’ Form Past Form Past Participle

Swim Swims Swimming Swam Swum

The present participle of the verb ‘Swim‘ is ‘Swimming’. You have to note that when you add ‘Ing’ to the base form, you have to double the last letter which is consonant.

Meaning of ‘Swim’

  • Using arms and legs,Moving through water in a horizontal position.
  • Eg: I like to swim on Sundays.
  • Rajiv is swimming across the lake.

‘Swim’ Meanings

The other verb patterns similar to that of ‘Swim’

Swim Swam Swum

Drink Drank Drunk

Ring Rang Rung

Stink Stank Stunk

Begin Began Begun

Shrink Shrank Shrunk

Sink Sank Sunk


Some other verbs of similar pattern with Past Participle ‘Swum’