Subject in a sentence | Head of a sentence

In the first place, subject is somebody or something about whom/which you give/ask for an information. Mostly,

naming words or alternative word come in the place of a subject.

(1) Ratan is looking for a job (2) We are developing our English skills.

In the above sentences,’Ratan’ and’ We’ are subjects. In other words to say, they are ‘Doers’ of action. Second, the word unit that gives information is ‘looking for a job‘. Now, you can put a question like, who is looking for a job?. And then, the answer you get is treated as subject.

Look at this sentence:

The meeting is going on right now.

What is going on?…… ‘The meeting'( is subject) Because the word unit related to main information ‘going on’ is related to ‘The meeting’.

More examples: Venu plays The Piano every morning for an hour.

Who plays the Piano?…….Venu (Sub)

Swetha will cook fish for us this weekend.

Who will cook?………..Swetha( is a sub)

A concert took place at the local community hall yesterday.

What took place?,,,,,, concert(Sub)

Subject | Doer Of Action

The words/Word units used as Subject

There are two types of words/word units used as subject and they are:

(1) Nouns/Naming words/Naming word units (2) Pronouns/Alternative words

Nouns are name related words where as Pronouns are their alternative words.


Noun/Naming words

They refer to names of persons,places and things.

Raja, Ravi, venu,Madhavi, Hyderabad,Rose….etc

Naming word units:They consist of nouns with the combination of A/An/The/This/That/These/My/Our/His/Her/Their…etc

A book, An Investigation.The students,My parents,Their house,His car, Her dresses,These chairs…etc

Eg: Ravi is doing a part time job

My friends played a cricket match yesterday.

This bike is mine.

Pronouns | Alternative words

They represent the naming words in a sentence.

They are: I, We,You,He,She,It and They.

We are staying at hostel.

They built a house in Delhi long ago.