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English On-Line / Spoken English On-Phone

Do you live abroad? (Or) out of city (or) Do you live in the city but you don’t want to get stuck up in the traffic jam and pollution!

Shraddha English Training Institute offers online English/ On-phone English training to help Housewives, Job-seekers, Employees and students. Our online courses are available at a range of levels and are designed to improve your overall English competency. You can take this Spoken English training on Skype/Phone if you just have a laptop/Tab/Smart Phone.

What the learner will get

We will provide you with written as well as oral practice on around 108 structures based on different communication situations which help you form the sentences in English correctly and easily.

Communication Situations & Sentence-Formation structures

  • Present permanent Actions
  • Present Temporary Actions
  • Past actions during past time frame
  • Past actions connected with present
  • Future intensions
  • Completed+ Present continuous actions
  • Future plans
  • Continuous past actions
  • Past habitual actions
  • Skill / Ability / Possibility
  • Indirect questions
  • Indirect statements
  • Direct commands
  • Object turned subject
  • Comparisons
  • Present & past Obligations
  • Combination of sentences

Speaking Activities

The on-line trainer will motivate you and get you involved in the following speaking activities so that it empowers you to improve your English Fluency.

Conversation Topics

The trainer will get you engaged in the different conversations based on the following topics.

  • This weekend activity
  • Your plans to do for the coming weekend
  • About your family
  • About your job / workplace
  • Your hobbies/ Interests
  • Your pets
  • Your favorite music
  • Kind of movies you like
  • Your favorite food
  • About your childhood
  • Your purpose of learning English
  • Your best friend
  • Your birth day
  • Your favorite holiday
  • Your main goals for this year
  • Your favorite festival
  • Your favorite two/Four wheeler
  • where do you like to travel?
  • Regular and occasional activities
  • Your Ideal person
  • Making introductions
  • Beloved Person in your family
  • Beloved person in your extended family


The learner will know how to keep the occurrences of an event in the order. And also, he/she will figure out how to focus on important scenes in a narration. And how to use dialogue for an effective narration.

  • Your recent birth day celebration
  • Describe the function you recently attended
  • Unforgettable Train /Bus / Flight journey
  • Childhood Sweet memories
  • Funniest moment happened recently
  • The scariest moment in your life
  • The most embarrassing moment of your life
  • The most disappointing moment in your life
  • The happiest moment in your life
  • The saddest moment in your life
  • The proudest moment of your life
  • Your first day’s experience at college/school/ University


  • About your family
  • Your school/ college
  • About a city/ Town/ village in which you are living
  • The smart mobile you have
  • The neighborhood
  • Your friends and relatives
  • Your job


  • How to reach Bus stand/ Railway station/ Airport from here
  • How to reach the worth- visiting places in the city from here
  • How to with draw cash from A.T.M
  • How to deposit cash in the A.T.M
  • How to open a bank account
  • How to apply for a passport
  • How to create an E-mail Id
  • How to cook your favorite dish

Phone: +9181434 44110
Flat No.202, 2nd Floor, Siri Towers,
Prime Hospital Lane, Adjacent lane to Blue Fox Hotel,
Mythrivanam, Ameeerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038