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Foundation English | Spelling & Reading

Spelling, Reading and Writing course

Through your Native language (Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada)

Spelling, Reading & Writing course For the Beginners

Are you worried about lacking spelling power?
Are you in dire need of improving your English Pronunciation?
Are you not able to read the written text fluently?

Stop worrying and stop feeling shy or embarrassed about your spelling and reading problems!!!

When you think of developing English skills you first need to check your spelling power. And simultaneously, you need to assess yourself the reading and writing skills that you have. The spelling skills, reading skills and writing skills are correlated with each other. If you are good at them, it would be further easy for you to train in spoken English confidently.

Who is this course for?

Here we provide a spelling and Reading course for the employees/House wives/ school & college students who want to develop spoken English skills but often find it difficult to spell and pronounce the most English words.

What You Will Learn

We will teach you how to spell and write the Indian Names of persons,Places and things.

The contents of Basic English Spelling course

  • Alphabet
  • Joined-up Letters
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Consonant Vowel combinations

At the start, the learner will work on lowercase and uppercase alphabet and the joined-up letters. This enables him/her to write the words neatly and legibly.

And also, our spelling worksheets provide a wide variety of vowel sounds pairing with consonants. This resource helps you to spell the words related to Indian names of persons, places and things like
Eg: 'Raju', 'Veena' 'Ameerpet' and 'Gulab Jamoon'.

Spelling and Pronunciation of frequently used English words

  • Learn to spell Names of cities, Towns and villages
  • Time related words
  • Spell the numbers from 1 to 1000
  • Ordinal Numbers (first, Second...)
  • Relations and other common names
  • Occupations and professions
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grocery Items& Other eatables
  • Household articles
  • Flowers
  • Colors
  • Ornaments and Jewels
  • Parts of the body
  • Birds and Animals
  • Musical Instruments
  • Common Ailments

Pronunciation Exercises related to Phonetics

The following are some of the words which most people mispronounce.
(1) Balloon 2) Dance (3) Garbage (4) Half (5) Certificate (6) Servant (7) Version (8) Birthday (9) Caste (10) Bottle

Spelling Rules

Why are many English words difficult to spell?

  • Some Words have the same sounds but are spelled differently,
  • Some Words have nothing to do with the way of their pronunciation,
  • Some Words have silent letters

In spite of the spelling inconsistencies, there are a few rules and tips which enable the learner to spell the words easily. Yet, the learner needs to memorize the most words.

  • Story reading Practice
  • News Paper Reading practice
  • Silent Letter words
  • Homonyms
    Words have the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings
  • Homophones
  • Homographs
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