Sentence Transformation

In sentence transformation, we change the form of a sentence in to another form . To change the affirmative sentences of simple present in to negatives, we use the helping verbs do and does.

Sentence transformation of Affirmative into Negative

Simple Present tense:

Simple Present
Affirmative Sentence Negative Sentence
Structure 1: I , we , You ,they + V1+ object Structure1 : I,we,you,they+ Don’t+V1
I play indoor games I don’t play indoor games
We eat fish fry often We don’t eat fish fry
You tell the truth You don’t tell the truth
They visit our home at times They don’t visit our home
Structure 2: All plural Nouns+ Vi+ object Structure 2: All plural Nouns+ don’t+V1+ object
My friends go for movies very often My friends don’t go for movies often
My siblings read English news paper My siblings don’t read English news paper
Structure3:He,She,It + Vs + object Structure3:He,She,It +doesn’t+ V1 + object
He watches T.V news regularly He doesn’t watch T.V news regularly
She rests a while in the after noon. She doesn’t rest in the after noon.
It holds 5 lits. of water It doesn’t hold 5 lits.
Structure 4: All singular Nouns + Vs + object Structure 4: All singular Nouns +doesn’t+ V1+ object
Venu celebrates his birth day grandly Venu doesn’t celebrate his birth day grandly
My sister wakes up early My sister doesn’t wake up early.

In the simple past tense, we make negatives by putting ‘did not’ before the base form of the verb.

Sentence Transformation

affirmative sentence to Negative sentence transformation exercise

Convert the following affirmative sentences into negative (Check out the answers below)

  1. My sister stays at hostel.
  2. David knows Bengali.
  3. I want to know something your personal.
  4. My mother cooks non-veg dishes often.
  5. Swetha works part time.
  6. Mamatha checks the mail daily.
  7. Nalini goes to bed early.
  8. Rohith calls me frequently.

9.We socialize with our neighbors.

  1. My grandparents give me pocket money.



  1. My sisterdoes notstay at hostel
  2. David does not knowBengali
  3. Ido not want toknow your personal.
  4. My motherdoes not cook non-veg dishes often .
  5. Shwetha does not workpart time.
  6. Mamathadoes notcheck the mail daily.

7.Nalini does not go to bed early.

8.Rohith does not call me frequently.

9.Rohith does not call me frequently.

10.My grand parents do not give me pocket money.