Routine work | Activities Done Frequently

In your speech, you often use certain words related to the routine work. And, our routine work includes shopping, travelling, occupation/profession/office and academic activities. Apparently, you may need to speak the right word according to the situation. Some times, you falter to express your ideas in English because of lack of appropriate vocabulary. In connection with this, you have to work on some frequently used words. Hence, our speech is easy and effective.

Routine work

Morning Activities

Wake up

Finish morning routine(brushing/Attending the nature’s call/Bathing)

Take exercise

Go walking/Jogging

Work out

Do gym

Pray to god

Have break fast

Drink a cup of tea/coffee

Watch T.V

Read the news paper

Have Lunch/dinner

Go to bed


Go shopping

Browse through the shelf for something

Search for something /dress

Bargain something over the price

Pay the bill

Pay money

Borrow money/something

Pay for somebody

Lend money/something


Get to office

Drive to office

Carry a briefcase

Carry lunch to office

Get into work

Discharge duty

Carry out a plan/task

Leave a message

Work at assignment

Work on project

Discuss something with somebody

Resume work/doing something

Receive a call

Answer the call

attend the call

Arrange an appointment

Arrange to meet somebody

Fix date/time for something

Pursue/look into the matter

Pursue career

Negotiate a deal

Negotiate for more pay

Get bonus/incentive

Pursue a goal


Walk a few yards

Book a taxi/cab

Call a taxi

Take bus/auto/cab

Commute by bus/cab

Take the bus pass

Issue the tickets

Show the bus pass

Renew the bus pass

Inquire about train/bus timings

Book somebody a room

Leave for Delhi/Bangalore

Reach airport/railway station /bus station

Alight from train/bus

Board the flight/ train/ bus

Take off

Depart from the station

Depart Hyderabad

Halt at a station

Run/fly late


Arrive at the station

Get off the train/bus

Put somebody off at some place

Carry a suitcase

Put up in the hotel

Take photographs

Enjoy the trip

School / College

Get to school/college

Come first /Second / …in the class

Come top of the class

Attend the classes

Listen to classes

Pay term fee

Attend the lab

Work out a problem

Discuss something with friends

Scribble something on the paper

Memorize the lines, poems, story…..

Recite something to somebody

Pursue graduation

Take an exam

Pass/fail an exam

Get exam results

Sit an exam

Perform well in exams

Score well in exams

Score percentage / marks

Participate in competition/discussion

Work on pronunciation/English

Study academic books

Teach somebody

Read newspapers/novels

Bunk off classes/school/college

Drop out of school/team/college

Pay fine