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Regular and Irregular Past Participle forms of Verbs

Regular and Irregular Past Participle forms of Verbs

Regular and Irregular Past Participle forms of Verbs

Usage of Past Participle Verbs | V3 Forms

Shortly speaking, Past participle is V3 form of a verb. Mainly, You can use the verb form when you say that somebody has/has n’t got an experience of having done some action by present. Or, the person has completed some action. And the helping verbs like have,has and had come before them.

Eg: I have seen the latest movie.

My brother has completed his M.C.A

Rohit has visited U.K. many times.

The actions of above sentences never refer to any particular past time frame. On the other hand, they express that the persons (subject/Doer of action) have either completed the action or have got the experience of doing it. In other words, the speaker is not particular as to when the action happened.


Regular and Irregular Past Participle forms of Verbs

Verb Past Participle Forms | Past Participle list

They are of two types. (1) Irregular Past Participle(2)Regular Past Participle.

Past participle Irregular verbs are formed differently with ‘en’,’ne’,’ed’, ‘d’, ‘N and ‘t’ endings.

En Ne Ed ‘T’ D N Others
been done fed Bet found blown begun
beaten gone hanged bent fled broken Run
bitten Shone lied brought had drawn
chosen led broadcast heard flown Become
driven Fled built held grown Come
eaten Sewed- Burst Read known made
fallen Showed bought Sold lain
forbidden caught Slid Sewn dug
forgotten Cost Spread Shown hung
forgiven crept Stood Sworn Rung
frozen Cut Told Torn Sung
given dealt Understood Thrown Sprung
hidden felt said Worn Swung
ridden fought Paid Won Abode
Risen got Awoken drunk
Seen hit arisen Shrunk
Shaken Hurt Sunk
Spoken kept Stuck
Stolen knelt Stung
Taken left Stunk
Written lent Struck
broken Let Swum
Sworn lit Swung
Woken lost

Regular and Irregular Past Participle forms of Verbs

Perfect Participle | Regular v3 forms

They end in ‘ed’ or ‘d’.

Eg; finished,completed,washed,cleaned,prayed,played,cooked,waited,prepared,cared,listened,believed,liked…etc


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