Read Read Read|’Read’ Conjugation

The action verb ‘read’ is an irregular verb which means to get the meaning of some text by looking at it. The present tense form, past tense form and past participle form spell the same and past and past participle forms are pronounced as ‘Red’. The three forms of ‘Read’ (base form,Past form and past participle form) are ‘Read Read Read’.

Apart from the main three forms, we have two more forms. They are ‘S’ form and ‘Ing’ form.

Read Read Read

‘Read’ five forms| Examples of Read Read Read Reads Reading

Present(V1) ‘S’ form(Vs) ‘Ing’Form(Ving) Past Form(V2) Past Participle(V3)

Read Reads Reading Read Read

I read the news paper

Tanuja reads the detective novels

My brother is reading the Bible.

She read The ‘Hindu’ the day before.(Past form)

I have read a story book just now.(Past Participle)

Use of ‘Read Read Read’ in a Sentence

(1) To get the meaning of some written text by looking at it:

Eg: My grand father can write and read English well.

I don’t read books a lot.(present form)

I read fiction a lot in my college days.(past form)

Bhanu has read several novels so far.(past participle)

(2) a.To examine some written text carefully so as to understand it.

My sister and I prefer to read to ourselves.

  1. To speak the written text to somebody.

I always read the news paper aloud To develop my reading skills.

To find about something or somebody by reading.

We read about the celebrity’s divorce news in the news paper.

Action verbs of which three forms spell the same like ‘ Read Read Read’

Bet Bet Bet
Bid Bid Bid
Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast
Burst Burst Burst
Bust Bust Bust
Cast Cast Cast
Cost Cost Cost
Cut Cut Cut
Fit Fit Fit
Forecast Forecast Forecast
Hit Hit Hit
Hurt Hurt Hurt
Input Input Input
Knit KniT Knit
Let Let Let
Put Put Put
Quit Quit Quit
Rid Rid Rid
Set Set Set
Shed Shed Shed
Shut Shut Shut
Slit Slit Slit
Split Split Split
Spread Spread Spread
Thrust Thrust Thrust
Upset Upset Upset
Wed Wed Wed
Wet Wet Wet