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Parts of a Sentence | English Language Items

Parts of a Sentence | English Language Items

Sentence Parts|English language Items

As you already know, we need power tools, plumbing tools and ….etc to make or repair the things. In the same way, we need the language items to make a sentence. Actually, Language items are nothing but words. And the sentences of a language contain a set of words each of which has a specific function. To express a meaningful idea, the words are arranged in an order to make a statement,question,command and sudden expression. Of course, the arrangement of the words should satisfy the grammar rules. So,in the first place, you need to learn about essence of the parts of a sentence and their role in formation of a sentence. Necessarily, one should be aware of Sentence parts.

Firstly, you need to know about the parts of a sentence. To be short and precise, you can divide a whole sentence into two parts. They are (1) Main parts of a sentence (2) Additional Parts of a sentence.

Main sentence parts | Parts of a sentence

  • Main parts of a sentence express the prime/Basic information as to who is who and who does action.

Eg: I am David; Raj is a mechanical engineer; My father works out; My sister is studying….etc

(1) Head words (Doer)

Of all the sentence Parts, ‘Head word'(Doer) is a prime language item. It is somebody or some thing about whom/which we give information. And the words used as ‘Head words’ are: I,We,You,They,He,She,It and Naming words in both singular and plural.

Naming words in plural: The children, My parents, My friends, our relatives,Raju and Ravi…etc

Naming words in singular:The child,My father,My brother,Raju, Rani….etc

Eg; I exercise every morning.

My parents are living abroad.

Raju is preparing for G.R.E test.

Raju and Ravi are working for an M.N.C

Parts of a Sentence

Main language item among sentence parts

(action word/state word/Emotion word/Possession word)

Action words: Eat,Drink,Play,Wash….etc


I eat fast food at times.

The children are drinking milk.

We played foot ball match last week.

My mother will wash the dishes after a while.

State words:Am,Is,Are,Was,Were,Exist,Trust,See,Hear,want,contain,……etc

My uncle is a doctor.

Ratan was absent from class yesterday.

I trust the people.

Possession words:Have,Has,Had,possess,own,Belong,…..etc

Raji has a beautiful car.

My relatives own a house in Delhi.

Emotion Words:Like,Love,Hate,Dislike,Fear,feel,Envy,Mind…….Etc

We love the universal power.

Vedika likes playing Tennis.

(3) Supporting words | Helping language tools

(State words/Attitude words)

They are used to to indicate time and nature of action and state of something.


Could,May,Might,Have to,Has to,Had to,Need,Must,used to, Ought to and dare.

Eg: I am a software engineer.

Sita is 18 years old.

They are from West Bengal.

do you know how to prepare Biryani?

Bhanu Must support her family.

Additional parts of a sentence | Additional Sentence parts

As for the additional parts of a sentence, they give more information about quality/state/Nature/time/manner /location …etc in relation with the main part of a sentence.

(1) Describing word(Quality/State word)

Mary is beautiful and intelligent.

I am happy with my job.

(2) Action Modifier(of a person/place/thing)

They speak more about an action of a person in relation with manner/place/Time.


Sushma draws beautifully.

My brother is studying abroad.

Deepa wakes up early

(3) Bridge Word unit( Manner/Time/Place)

They are used to show how they are related with main part of the sentence.

Eg: at 6A.M,at the railway station, at night.

I wake up at 6 A.M(time)

They are at at the Railway station.(place)

Rajiv goes to office by bus(manner)

In addition to these language tools, there are other items to be used for English communication.

They are: Linking Words , Wh.words, and Words of emotion.

Linking Words: They are used to join two words or two sentences.

Sita was absent from class yesterday because she was sick.

Ravi and Raju are cousins.

Walk fast or you will miss the train.

Wh.words: They are used to make an inquiry about something or somebody.


Where are you from?

How much is the dress?

How far is your house away from here?

Words of Emotion:They are used to express sudden feelings.



Hurray! We have won the match.

Alas!Yuvaraj dropped the catch.

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