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Job – Seeker’s English

When you face a job interviews, speaking English confidently is definitely an added advantage. Job-interview English Course is exclusively designed for job seekers who need English communication skills to crack a job- Interview.

Nowadays corporate companies look for a candidate who can communicate in English well. To the expectations of the employer, you need to update yourself according to the trend.

Job-Seekers English training program equips the learner with good communication skills and confidence to face the interviews successfully.

What you will work on In Job-Interview English Course

  • English Speaking Skills
  • Speaking activities
  • Communication skills
  • English Fluency drills
  • Writing a Winning resume
  • Jam- Topics
  • Essential points to get across in an Interview
  • How to draw a positive first impression at the Interview
  • How to overcome nervousness
  • How to stay confident
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