The Irregular Verb ‘Go’

The verb ‘go’ is the shortest sentence in English language. In fact, We often use the word in our daily speech. Basic meaning of the verb is ‘to move or travel from one place to another’. And also, It is a irregular verb which forms differently. And, it is not an exaggeration to say that we hardly communicate with out the word ‘Go’.

Eg: Rajiv went into the bedroom and switched off the light.

We went to Kashmir by flight last month.

Besides, the verb is used with many meanings.

Past Tense/past participle of ‘Go’

The verb is very different from its past tense forms and past participle forms. They are

Go Went Gone

Goes’ is used in affirmative sentences of simple present with the He,She,It and all singular nouns.

‘Going’ is present participle and it used in continuous actions.

‘Went’ is the past tense form and we use it to show the past action happened during specific time frame.

Gone’ is the past participle form which comes after have/has/had to show a completed action.

The Irregular Verb ‘Go’

Difference between ‘Gone’ and ‘Been’

When you say ‘ He has gone to market’ , it means The person you mentioned is in the market.

When you say ‘He has been to market’ it means the person you mentioned went to market and returned. So,We can take the past participle of ‘go’ as Gone and Been used in different contexts.

Main Uses of ‘Go’

  • We use the verb when we attend a party/function…etc .

Are you going to the meeting in our colony this evening?

Sometimes, in the company of somebody.

I am going to movie this weekend with my friend.

‘Go’ is used to mean ‘ to Leave a place’

The bus came at 12.30 p.m and went after 10 minutes.

To go on a trip/Tour/picnic/excursion

Our family went on a trip to Ooty Last month.

We can use the word when there is a purposeful visit to some place.

Sheela will have to go to passport office again sometime in the middle of next month.

Go bad/bald/stale/grey/sour used to say that something became bad.

His hair went grey.;The food went stale.;Raju went bald when he was in Hyderabad.;Milk went sour.

Having suffered loss in business, Mohan went bankrupt.

When we want to say about working condition of some machine:

My old mobile goes perfect.;The fans in the out house don’t go.

When we say ‘ Go on rent, go to home needs, go to parties etc we use money for something.

Half of Hari’s salary goes to parties.

One fourth of his income goes on rent for the apartment.